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Tikka "Ranger" T3(x) CTR

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4-6 Weeks 4-6 Weeks
Right or Left Handed Rifle:
Swivel Screws / Picatinny:
QD / Flush Cups:
Picatinny Rail:

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Our "Ranger" stock... for Tikka T3(x) CTR (with Sako TRG Steel Magazine)

Use: Dynamic / Hunting

Weight: 1100g / 2.42lbs

The Ranger Stock is one of the lightest full block bedded stocks on the market.
With about 1100 gram including bedding-block, stainless steel recoil lug and all metal parts, he is a real featherweight.
Its ergonomics are optimized for the demands of dynamic shooting.


Header flag2 Seite Waidmann

General Stock-Informations:

Our Stocks has been developed together with and from trainers of the long-range shooting, shooting instructors from authorities and former snipers of the Special Forces. It consists of multiple cross-laminated birch wood layers, which are soaked together in epoxy-resin and bonded after milling with an extra epoxy resin-skin. The Epoxy gives the Stock a hard surface which effectively protects it against scratching or dents. Our colors are also made of colored epoxy resin. This makes it not only splash-proof, but even submersible! This "Cross Over" combines the positive qualities of "absorbing power" of a solid wood stock with the robustness and precision of a synthetic stock.

It is ambidextrous and both sides usable to get, for example, in stressful hunting situations quickly and safely leveling of the gun for all types of standing, laying or sitting. The handle area as well as the foreend is coated with a special grip varnish, to offer secure handle with sweat or wet hands always.


Our Stocks have a solid full-block-bedding made of high-grade 7075 Aluminum with an integrated stainless steel recoil lug. The advantage is its extremely high tensile strength, which is higher than the tensile of steel for structural purposes, yet very light.
Thus, the Action is kept absolutely firm and torsionally stiff!



The cheek rest is made of stainless steel bolts in linear slides and is to be adjusted by pressing a button. It provides the shooter concentration in the target stop, even over longer periods.
Press the button - adjust the cheek piece - let go the button.

Dimensions for Ranger, Predator and Raptor:

Available in the following colors:

Basic Colors Camouflage    
"Earth" (RAL8000 ) "Bloody Dirt" (Black, Grey, White with Red Highlights)    
"Green" "Bloody Waidmann" (Green, Brown, Beige with Red Highlights)    
"Deepgreen" (Sako TRG Green, RAL 6007) "7013 Camo"    
"Anthrazit" (Black) "Bloody Night"    
"7013 Jäger" "Muddy Waidmann"    
  "Black Jungle"    

Alternative colors on demand!


Pics about the Colors:

Left "Bloody Dirt", Right "Bloody Waidmann"

"Bloody Night" (Black / Anthrazite / Gray)

7013camo HP
7013 Camo
RAL7013 Jäger HP
7013 Jäger

Green, Earth (Ral8000) and Anthrazite (Black)

Deep Green (Sako TRG Green)

More Options:

QD / FlushCup :

Personalize  and  Picatinny Rail :

Swivel Screws /  Picatinny Extra Charge    
- "Standart" (1x Frontstock, 1x Back Bottom)   Inclusive    
- "2 Front" (2x Frontstock, 1x Back Bottom)  + 8,- Euro    
- "Picatinny" like Standart, with 1 Picatinny Rail on the Frontstock
 (for example for BiPods with Picatinny-Taking)
+ 35,- Euro
"QD" / Flush Cups Extra Charge
- "Tactical" Right Handed (Front Left Side, Back Right Side) + 34,- Euro
- "Tactical" Left Handed (Front Right Side, Back Left Side) + 34,- Euro
- "Double Left" (Front Left Side, Back Left Side) + 34,- Euro
- "Double Right" (Front Right Side, Back Right Side) + 34,- Euro
- "Allround" (Front Right and Left Side, Back Right and Left Side) (4 QD) + 64,- Euro
* Only QD-Cups, No QD-Swivel Stud included!

We "personalize" your stock with their names, nicknames, radio code, or whatever,
This is only for "Camo" colors. For this purpose, we use the lower part of the front Stock, between the magazine and the Swivel screw. Please let us know in the payment information (checkout) under "INSERT PERSONAL MEMO RELATING TO YOUR ORDER" if and what you would like to have as personalization. These are free of charge.

Remove Highlights
If desired, we can also remove our logo from the Stock and, e.g. The red in the Bloody Waidmann by a black.
Please inform us about the payment information (check out) under "INSERT PERSONAL MEMO RELATING TO YOUR ORDER". This service is free of charge.


- GGS - Stock INCL stainless steel Recoil Lug!


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