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"Prime" Picatinny Rail

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89,00 EUR
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Our new Pica-Rail for Tikka T3/T3x is made fromhigh grade 7075 Aluminium 
and Black Hard Anodized and lasered with our Brand.
The Special Feature is, that it has a Recoil lug in the System. The recoil lug take away the shearing forces on the screws, with the Hole of the Tikka Action and the Recoil Lug of the Rail.
Fit for all T3/T3x Tikkas.
Available as
- "0 MOA" and
- "20 MOA" Version

* The Picatinny Rail can not be sold to the US!
The Tikka T3/T3x Picatinny "Prime" Rail comes incl 4 Action-Screws and a Stainless Steel "Anti-mirage-strap"-Screw !

Weight: 43,5g / 0,095lbs


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